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Imagia 3 – The Quarry

Released 28 June 2011.


Jayisgames offers the official and generally awesomest english walkthrough!
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Story and Design: Ralf Hebecker
Programming: Nikita A. Tutubalin
Music: Alexey Vojtenko
Animation: Lukey Buxton

Thanks to the authors, testers and translators: Dany58, Carolina Short & Tomás García Ferrari, Mark Pfrengle, Miriam Wender, Nikita A. Tutubalin, Ralf Hebecker, 3bagbrew, acclivity, Adcbicycle, Benboncan, BristolStories, cfork, CGEffex, daveincamas, dobroide, Freed, HerbertBoland, juskiddink, NoiseCollector, oniwe, RHumphries, RobinHood76, roscoetoon, rutgermuller,, splashzooka Swoboman87, Timbre, volivieri, Walter_Odington!

This game uses the following sounds from, used with permission under Creative Commons Sampling + 1.0 (




  1. Supman permalink

    When this is going to be done? We’re in June cmon dude!

    • Ciao Supman! Sincere apologies, I wasn’t aware that anybody was really reading my blog and waiting for the game. Thanks for my first official fan comment, by the way! 😉
      Imagia 3 is pretty much ready, but we are still negotiating with sponsors to help us re-finance the work that we have put into it. Annoyingly, this usually adds a few weeks to the whole cycle. Realistically, I’d say we will launch Imagia 3 by the end of June. Sorry for not announcing this properly right from the start.

      • Supman permalink

        Amazing, I’ve just completed the game and it was wonderful! Congrats dude, remember we’re always waiting for more 🙂

        PS: nevermind about the late 🙂
        PPS: I’m sending you an e-mail with some questions.

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