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Imagia 2 – The Dome

Released 8 December 2010.


English (at · Deutsche Lösung



Story and Design: Ralf Hebecker
Programming: Nikita A. Tutubalin
Music: Alexey Vojtenko
Animation: Lukey Buxton

This game uses the following sounds from, used with permission under Creative Commons Sampling + 1.0 (

Thanks to the authors and translators: Dany58, Carolina Short & Tomás García Ferrari, Miriam Wender, Nikita A. Tutubalin, Ralf Hebecker, acclivity, Benboncan, BristolStories, cfork, dobroide, ERH, Freed, juskiddink, Ohrwurm, reinsamba, RHumphries, Robinhood76, tigersound, Tomlija, yewbic!


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  1. Brent permalink

    nice features, almost meditative, Ciao.

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