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Imagia 1 – The Tower

Our first adventure, released in July 2010.


English walkthrough at Die deutsche Lösung ist hier.

The Official Video Walkthrough

More Screenshots


This game uses the following sounds from, used with permission under Creative Commons Sampling + 1.0 (

Thanks to the authors acclivity, adcbicycle, BristolStories, daveincamas, DJ Chronos, dobroide, Freed, HerbertBoland, NoiseCollector, Ohrwurm, Robinhood76, schademans & sinatra314!








  1. Berna permalink

    great game, thank you

  2. Glenn Burch permalink

    We know that VECTOR is tedious and consuming to create, but please make MORE! Your Vector works are beautiful and intriguing to play. Thank you for your works!!

    • Thanks! Actually, that whole vector thing ain’t thaaaat bad… – and I was told it looks amazing on huge displays. And I have another Playroom game ready more or less… but I struggle a bit to find a programmer helping me putting it together.

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