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Imagia is our first and with 3 parts our longest series so far. In it, you follow a mysterious artist on his journey through an enchanted world, full with artworks, secrets and strange machines.

The games are little point-and-click Flash adventure games that play directly in your browser window.

Imagia 1 - click to play
Imagia 1

Imagia 2 - click to play
Imagia 2

Imagia 3 - click to play
Imagia 3

One Comment
  1. Hello! I am a HUGE fan of Flash based “Escape” and “Adventure” games. I have quite the personal library, and considering the Genre (“Single-Player-Online”) I do not share, make $$$ from, etc. from other people’s game creations. It might sound crazy to you, (but keeping in mind, I have a library of 100+ REALLY good games, like IMAGIA’s) I play Imagia 1, 2, and 3 regularly….almost weekly! I was incredibly happy to notice I could download the SWF file for Imagia pt1. NOW, I can play it in all of its glory, on my HUGE 56″ flatscreen. IT IS MAGNIFICENT! Would it be possible to get the SWFs for pt2 and pt3? PLEASE??? I would even say YES to sending you $$$$!!!! I want to thank you for the great games, I never get bored with the gripping visuals and the strange, chilling audio sounds. I love it! You should see Imagia 1 on my big screen. The graphics are clear, sharp[, and beautiful. Please reply to me how I can get #2 and #3?? Thank you for the hours of entertainment. Love, Peace, and FUN.
    SWFs for pt2 and pt3? Just for my personal fun? PLEASE???
    Glenn Burch
    San Diego, CA USA

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