This game uses the following sounds from http://freesound.org
Used with permission under a Creative Commons Sampling + 1.0 license.
Our thanks to the authors!

By daveincamas: StackingStones.wav ~ By Robinhood76: ab001 chimes on wind.wav ~ By Dan Oberbauer (DJ Chronos): brush step 1.wav ~ By schademans: pipe4.wav ~ By Paddy Uglow (BristolStories): u_chimes_short3.mp3 ~ By HerbertBoland: HeavySkirtMovement.wav ~ By adcbicycle: 1.wav ~ By dobroide: wood01.flac, 20060706.night.forest02.flac ~ By sinatra314: chairscrape12.wav, chairscrape4.wav ~ By NoiseCollector: SPAKL6_A.aif ~ By acclivity of freesound.org: ChimeBar_C.wav, ChimeBar_C#.wav, ChimeBar_A.wav, SqueakyDoor.wav ~ By Freed: L31-12-.mp3 ~ By Ohrwurm: Historic Flute Music-Machine.wav