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by ralfhebecker on January 4th, 2013

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  1. Glenn Burch permalink

    Hey guys! I have been a huge fan of “Escape / Puzzle” games for years now, especially the simpler, yet darker and gripping types of escape games, such as the Submachine series, Dr. Stanley’s House 1&2, 58Work’s games, MyGames888, and of course, the IMAGIA TRILOGY falls into my all time favorites. Something about the unique graphics…simplistic, yet the Player is seduced by the intriguing artwork. Yes, all of the above mentioned games have the same exact solutions every time you play them…BUT, when you have a library of like 300+ SWF files, then it IS a challenge to go back and play something in my library that I have not played in a while. Imagia 1,2,3 seem to end up on my monitor at least once a month! (Keep in mind, I play escape games every free moment that I have (most all day sometimes?). I am a JayisGames junkie too, BTW!
    Before you jump to the conclusion that you just received an email from a TOTAL LOSER here…I guess that I should disclose to you that I am handicapped/totally homebound and in bed most days (playing games), and on my “GOOD days” I make it to the couch in the living room and can play my games on the big screen. I seriously think, however, that if I was still the active, mountain hiker, mountain BIKER, camper, and the guy who explored the Pacific Ocean shores in my kayak, weekly…I KNOW that I would STILL be playing these games while at home…(because I DID play them back then!…in between my physical outings!). OK, here’s the part of this message where I STOP boring you with my personal life stuff…so BACK to the subject at hand:
    I guess that having said ALL OF THAT, I would like to ask you guys if you have ANY plans to create more games??…it has been a while. 🙁
    Thanks for ANY information on the subject! I am not alone here in getting an answer to this question…just so you know, it’s not just ME asking…
    P.S. (You are more than welcome to send your reply to my personal email address I just submitted with this comment entry, if that works better for you.)

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