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Jan 4 13

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by ralfhebecker
Dec 22 11

Playroom 2 released!

by ralfhebecker

Playroom 2 Logo 100px

Once again you find yourself locked in one of these mysterious Playrooms! Can you unlock the secrets and escape? 

Read what the press has to say:,

Click here to play Playroom 2 and for our video walkthrough.

Jun 29 11

Get the Imagia 3 Soundtrack!

by ralfhebecker

Imagia 3 Soundtrack

Alex Voytenko is the musical mastermind behind the soundtracks of Imagia 2 and Imagia 3. (And, on a sidenote, he also created the score of the magnificient Daymare Town 3 by Mateusz Skutnik).

In Imagia, the score is intentionally very subtle and pretty rare to hear. If you want to listen to the musical themes of Imagia 3 in their full beauty, you can do so on Alex’ site. Also there: a download link for the free Imagia 3 Mini-EP with all the compositions and a neat “Bruno the unicorn” cover artwork.

Jun 28 11

Here is Imagia 3!

by ralfhebecker


Here we go again: Imagia 3 – The Quarry!

Play it exclusively on sponsor’s website,

Thanks for making this possible,!
Please support our sponsor by playing as many games as you possibly can 😉

Jayisgames also holds the most detailed, officially authorized and generally super-duper-est walkthrough!

Apr 14 11

One more thing…

by ralfhebecker

But wait, there’s more! We are also working on something entirely new. Which has to remain sort of top secret for the moment, but that should change in the not too distant future… we’ll keep you posted. Shhh…

Sneak Preview

Apr 14 11

Imagia 3 – The Quarry in production!

by ralfhebecker

Hi there! It seems quiet here, but behind the scenes we are very busy. I am proud to announce “Imagia 3 – The Quarry” for late May late June/early July 2011. Here is a little appetizer for you…

Update: the game is pretty much complete, but we are still working on getting it sponsored. I’m very sorry, but the new release date is more likely end of June / beginning of July 2011.

Dec 17 10

Play Imagia 2 here!

by ralfhebecker

From now on, you can play Imagia 2 – The Dome directly here!

Dec 8 10

Imagia 2 – The Dome released!

by ralfhebecker

Play it exclusively at!

Or check out our brand new Imagia 2 – The Dome page and tell us what you think!

Nov 14 10

Imagia 2 – The Dome is coming… very soon!

by ralfhebecker

Hello again! Since a couple of months we are working on Imagia 2 – The Dome, and we are getting closer to the finished game! The release is planned for early December 2010. Here is the first preview screenshot…

The game will be launched exclusively on our new sponsor’s site and will be available in several languages, including french, german and spanish!

Here’s the games’ page. There, we will post a link to the game, links to international walkthroughs, behind the scenes material, and offer you a comment section specifically for Imagia 2 – The Dome.